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Product Liability Defense Attorneys in New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Lawyers Defending Product Liability Claims in NJ and PA

Defending against product liability claims can be both time consuming and expensive. At Thomas Paschos & Associates, P.C., our New Jersey and Pennsylvania product liability attorneys defend companies that are the subjects of product liability claims alleging defective or dangerous products. Our cases have involved claims about medical devices, agricultural products, motor vehicles, and other products.

Issues in Pennsylvania and New Jersey Product Liability Cases

Product liability claims in New Jersey and Pennsylvania are usually complex, requiring plaintiffs to prove that the defect existed, that the defendant knew about the defect, and that the plaintiff was harmed because of the defect. Moreover, plaintiffs must adhere to filing deadlines when making claims involving allegedly defective or dangerous products. Our product liability defense attorneys explore all aspects of the case to be sure that the plaintiff satisfies the burden of proof and meets all procedural requirements.

How Our Pennsylvania and New Jersey Attorneys Defend Against Product Liability Claims

Our New Jersey and Pennsylvania product liability defense attorneys are known for their ability to explore and analyze all aspects of a product liability case. Our defense strategies and tactics include:

  • Examining witnesses.
  • Reviewing all product instructions and labels.
  • Inspecting product packaging.
  • Consulting with experts of all kinds.

Because New Jersey and Pennsylvania product liability cases can be lengthy and expensive, it is important that defendants receive an honest assessment of the best way to proceed. After our attorneys complete their detailed analysis, we use our findings to recommend the best course of action. Whether that action involves a vigorous defense in litigation or negotiations to determine a fair settlement, clients rely on our law firm to give them a sound assessment and recommend the best way forward.

Examples of Our Product Liability Insurance Defense Cases in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Our attorneys help insurance companies and self-insureds defend against all types of product liability claims, and have developed significant experience defending New Jersey and Pennsylvania Product Liability cases. We are also highly knowledgeable about time limits and restrictions on filing product liability lawsuits. We use that knowledge to help clients avoid litigation by getting cases dismissed because the plaintiffs did not meet the procedural statutory requirements.

We also defend against claims involving:

  • Industrial and home-use chemicals.
  • Tainted over-the-counter and prescription medications.
  • Tainted packaged and fresh foods.
  • Manufacturing defects in toys, lawn and garden equipment, and other consumer products.
  • Defective electrical appliances.

Whatever type of product is involved, our New Jersey & Pennsylvania product liability defense lawyers use the same thorough approach that has been proven to help insurance companies and self-insured businesses avoid expensive and damaging litigation.

Call Our New Jersey Product Liability Defense Attorneys

If your company needs a strong and effective defense against a product liability claim, call the law firm of Thomas Paschos & Associates, P.C. or contact us online. With offices in Haddonfield, New Jersey and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we advocate for corporations, either insured or self-insured, throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We have over 130 years of combined experience.

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