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Insurance Bad Faith Litigation in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

PA and NJ Attorneys Defending Companies Against Insurance Bad Faith Claims

A common claim against insurance companies is that they acted in bad faith when handling a claim or disclaiming coverage. At the NJ and PA law firm of Thomas Paschos & Associates, P.C., our lawyers know insurance law and its role in defending against bad faith claims. Moreover, when a bad faith claim goes to trial, we know the arguments and strategies to use because they have been effective in previous insurance bad faith cases. Our lawyers have over 130 years of combined experience, and we have the knowledge needed to secure the best possible outcome in insurance bad faith litigation in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Examples of Our Insurance Bad Faith Defense Cases in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Our PA & NJ insurance defense attorneys defend against all types of bad faith claims, from those involving life, property and casualty insurance to auto and disability insurance. We level the playing field in matters involving allegations of bad faith because of:

  • Claim denials.
  • Inadequate settlements.
  • Unreasonable delay.
  • Postponed settlement payments.
  • Misleading or false statements to policyholders.
  • Failure to investigate properly.
  • Deceptive practices.
  • Threatening statements.

Charges like these can be time consuming and expensive to fight. Our Pennsylvania and New Jersey insurance defense attorneys handle cases like these in matters involving construction, motor vehicle accidents, first-party claims, and third-party claims. We analyze and interpret policies and educate our clients to help them avoid similar claims in the future.

How Our Pennsylvania and New Jersey Insurance Defense Lawyers Handle Bad Faith Claims

Bad faith claims against insurance companies can be frivolous and dismissed if they ever get to court. Our attorneys file requests for declaratory judgement that can shorten the process and avoid the time and expense of litigating a bad faith claim. We seek judicial rulings that affirm the right of the insurance company to reserve or deny coverage when the policy allows for such a denial or reservation. We make sure that our insurance clients know their rights under the policy. We help our clients understand the process and discuss the choice of strategies they can use to fight bad faith claims.

Handling Bad Faith Claims Nationally and Internationally

Our Pennsylvania and New Jersey insurance litigation defense lawyers defend clients against bad faith insurance claims throughout the United States and abroad. We are associated with a network of insurance defense attorneys, and we will refer you to the best one if they can better meet the needs of your case. When an insurance bad faith case requires litigation, clients rely on our law firm to defend their companies vigorously, regardless of how complex the case is and wherever it is located.

Contact Our Pennsylvania and New Jersey Insurance Bad Faith Defense Lawyers

If your insurance company needs effective and cost effective representation against a bad faith claim, call the law firm of Thomas Paschos & Associates, P.C. or contact us online. With offices in Haddonfield, New Jersey and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we effectively advocate for insurance companies throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

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